5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn To Code: a blog around why kids should learn to code and how you can begin.

The world we live in today is driven by technology. Whether it be the smartphone you use, the social media platform you live on or the TV you watch. Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have become the pillars of society. But what is next in the world? Who is going to build the next big company? Well, the answer is simple, your child.

Giving your child the best opportunity in the future, both professionally and personally, rests on how they adapt to the ever-changing world. Teaching them skills such as English and math is vital, but with the world now led by big tech brands, learning how to code is just as imperative.

Learning to code is essentially learning a whole new language, something that can seem daunting and overwhelming. But with Kano Club and the educational tools, Kano offers, learning to code has never been easier or more important. Let us show you why you should get started today.

Coding Teaches Another Language

Communication through language teaches young children logical thinking and can improve life skills. The more children are in an environment where they are exposed to different languages, the more they will slowly understand the new technological world.

Whether it is binary coding, HTML, Java, or in Kano Club, coding is a new language for your children. Learning a language that delivers actions or behaviors builds strong communication skills. Seeing how an app can flow, how a computer can think, or writing website code are all actions that a child can see in front of their eyes just from learning a new language.

Learning Programming Helps Kids To Problem-Solve

Understanding computer systems and studying the fundamentals of coding help your child to develop an appreciation of how problem-solving can work. It additionally teaches them how software program engineers use math as a way to clear up issues in a logical and inventive way.

The potential to unravel issues is a trait that is helpful in life in general. All of us desire for our children to develop into wonderful mature adults, where they’ll overcome any calamity they face. Studying to code offers your child the possibility to learn life skills that extend beyond just coding. In 2021, coding is a life skill that seems like a must.

It Allows Creativity To Flow

By learning code, children build and develop their brains in new and unique ways. Just like painting, drawing, or designing, coding allows children the opportunity to use their imagination.

At Kano, we use our creativity every day and we don’t stop with just our product design. Being part of any brand in the 21st-century means you have to use your creativity to succeed, and that is where coding can help.

Your kids can take all of the fun and creativity they have every day and build something amazing. It rewards their imagination.

Computer Programming Is The Future

The world is developing at such a fast pace, and technology is right at the center of it. Learning to build this technology through coding is an extremely useful skill to possess during this time. More and more of the world's biggest companies are using coding to change the business. Apple, Uber, Tesla, and even the government. Jobs in coding are growing at an extreme rate, and they need people to fill those roles.

If your child learns to code, they will automatically have an advantage in their future career and life. Using Kano to build their coding education, they will be presented with more employment opportunities in the future, regardless of what sector or industry they want to work in.

It’s Not Just All About Coding.

Due to the nature of many coding languages, you aren’t just learning to write a computer language. Building a foundational level of knowledge in computer language will also benefit your child in their math and English skills.

In Kano Club, learning tools like Make Art and Pixel Motion, allows children to improve their artistic skills as well as their problem-solving abilities. The more they get used to using numbers on these tools, the more that other similar skills will feel easier.

You have to learn how to organize and analyze data. You need to know how numbers add, subtract and divide. Coding allows children to use their analytical brains without even knowing that they are doing mathematics. In a fun and interesting way, coding could be the way to get your child into feeling less worried or bored when it comes to some of the hardest subjects.

At Kano, we know that coding is an important skill for your child. Not just now but in the future. That is why we built our educational offering, both through Kano Club and through our tailored video education program. These reasons have shown why coding is important to learn for not only children but for anyone.

Giving your child the opportunity to learn about technology and the way computers work will benefit them in more ways than you could imagine.

Kano Club is now FREE for 30 days! Head over to our website to find out how you can start today.

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