6 TV Shows Essential for any Tech Fan

We’re not sure about you, but at Kano, we are obsessed with all things tech! Whether it be in our work, our commute or EVEN our TV Time, we really can’t get enough.

Over the past decade, a number of TV programmes dedicated to coding & technology have proved to be extremely successful, exposing and inspiring millions of people to the vast world of technology.

Today, we take a look at our 6 TV Shows essential for any Tech fan

The Big Bang Theory

One of the most successful sitcoms of all time, The Big Bang Theory follows a large group of friends centering around roommates (and genius physicists) Leonard and Sheldon.

Leonard and Sheldon are self-described “geeks” and are comprised by their similarly geeky and socially awkward colleagues and friends Raj and Howard. The series follows them as they get into crazy adventures and awkward situations and is a true love letter to the technology nerd with near-constant references, gags, allusions and tales all concerning topics that are close to the tech geek’s heart.

A true classic.

Mr. Robot

Before Rami Malek was lining the silver screen with his Freddie Mercury ballads, he had began to carve a name for himself due to his sheer brilliance on the series Mr. Robot.

Malek portrays Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer and computer hacker who struggles socially.

He is recruited to work for an underground insurrectionist referred to as “Mr Robot” to join a group who “hacktivists” referred to as fsociety whose mission is to destroy all records of debt by encrypting the data of a large financial conglomerate.

Thrilling and tense, Mr Robot has garnered much critical acclaim and is an anxiety inducing rollercoaster for any tech fan out there.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is a British trailblazing sitcom starring Chris O’ Dowd, Richard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson working in the IT department for a fictional industrial company.

Much of the series is based out of their basement office and follows the socially awkward Roy and Maurice and their tech-illiterate manager, Jen.

The series is a hilarious pop-culture reference filled journey and another must watch for any tech fan.

Black Mirror

One of the most beloved TV shows of recent times, Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series that utilises various horror and thriller elements to describe a dystopian society transformed (usually for worse) by advanced technology.

Examples of episodes include episodes on Virtual Reality, Futuristic Dating Prisons, a CGI character running for office and social score systems.

In 2018 the standalone interactive film Bandersnatch garnered critical acclaim for its video game designer story.

One of the greatest series of all time, Black Mirror is a TV show that everybody needs to see.

Halt and Catch Fire

Perhaps one of the lesser known entries on this list, Halt and Catch Fire is a period drama that ran for 4 seasons on AMC.

By the time it concluded in 2017, it had grew in acclaim so much so that many critics have deemed it one of the greatest shows of the 2010s despite its low ratings.

Taking place over a period of around ten years, the series depicts an “insider’s view” of the rise of the Personal Computer in the 1980s and the World Wide Web revolution of the early 1990s. Each season focuses on a different emerging company throught different periods, with the final season focusing on the rise of search engines.

A true must watch for any tech historian!

Silicon Valley

You knew it was coming, right? Silicon Valley is arguably the greatest show on this entire list and is perhaps the most fitting TV show for any coding or tech fan.

The series follows the rise of Richard Hendricks and his middle-out compression startup Pied Piper as he aims to navigate the in-and-outs of the Silicon Valley business world.

Initially living out of tech entrepreneur Erlich Bachman’s “incubator” alongside budding programmers, Richard and his business quickly consume the group and follows them on their journey to building a successful startups despite the obstacles of large corporates, major rivals and life getting in the way.

A real masterpiece.

Now, THAT is the ultimate binge list! Whats your favourite TV show? Is there any on this list that we’ve missed? Let us know by following us on our socials

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