8 Ways Complicated Tech Became Simple

Here at Kano, we are always intrigued and fascinated by new and emerging technologies and helping to educate the young, and young at heart on how these fascinating mechanisms work.

We’ve decided to reflect on how far technology has come and more specifically, we’re looking at how what would have been extremely complicated functions or problems are now solved with pure ease.

Here are 8 ways complicated technology became simple:

When it comes to the first computers, the initial primary task of these gigantic machines (seen below) was to create an efficient and quick way of solving math problems. Today, a couple of taps on a piece of glass can solve even the most complex of equations.

When it comes to sending a message back in the day, the Fax machine was revolutionary and even has a home in many workplaces today. However, the dawn of smartphones and with them emojis certainly made us look the other way.

When it comes to building Audio Equipment in generations gone by, the most intelligent sound engineers were required, and with it significant timeframes. When it comes to building audio equipment today, the Kano Headphones make it even a little bit easier if not a lot more fun.

Who remembers the Floppy Disk? Scratch that, who remembers the CD-Rom? The evolution of Data Storage has seen capabilities and accessibility soar at an exponential rate. Today, the largest data storage object isn’t even an object, but a cloud… Right?

When Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone in 1876, the world changed forever. Telephones still to this day remain one of the most essential pieces of technology ever invented. Answering a phone call today requires the raising of a wrist. Siri, Do Not Disturb.

Ah, the opening of an app, perhaps one of the most common tasks undertaken by human beings on a daily basis. A tap, a click…. the typing of long and sequenced lines of code that need to be memorized each time. Simpler times.

In the current climate, we currently find ourselves in, it’s easy to take for granted how lucky we are to have had some of the largest collections of movies right at our fingertips. With even further disruption and innovation in the movie industry, today many films are released on streaming services in parallel with their theatrical release. Wow.

The first major computer, the ENIAC, began construction in 1943 in the University of Pennsylvania and was not completed until 1946. Today, our innovative and educational Kano PC makes building a computer as easy as building lego, and let’s just say, it shouldn’t take you a fraction of the time to build this computer.

As you can see, we’ve made huge strides these last few decades, and at such great speed.

It certainly allows us to feel grateful for how easy these problems have become to solve, and we’re even more excited now to see what the future holds.

The good kind of screen time. Computers and software for a new generation.

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