9 CRAZY Kano Club Creations You Need To See

3 min readFeb 1, 2021


When you think of Kano Club think of the old adage, “Creative minds often never stop.”

Curious? It’s like a real-life version of Jack Black’s School of Rock, but with coding instead of instruments. And in place of singing, the thousands of talented young artists from Kano Club draw, create and build — and post their masterpieces to the Kano World.

We have members in Kano Club all around the world, all of whom have been experimenting with fun, creative projects and sharing their drawings with us. They also write supportive messages for other people’s creations in the comment section, if they love them so much they want to show them off!

Every day the Kano Club community comes up with new creations that delight and amaze us. This month brings its own batch of crazy, wonderful, and mind-bending things you need to see (or try for yourself).


by Chil_Egg


by thebestquidditchplayer

The Rose

by Chill_Egg

Kano Logo

by Mmaster770

Donut Pusheen

by FierceTiger4

Rainbow Cloud

by LightingDragon808

My Plant Pot

by Runespoor

Wave Pattern

by The_Ninja_Coder_RR1

If you’ve been an active (and crafty) member of Kano Club, you’re probably familiar with it by now. If you haven’t heard of this educational online activity, Kano Club is the place for creative individuals to let their imaginations run wild. You can join a Kano’s Club in five easy steps:

  1. Head to the Kano Club website.
  2. Click ‘Get 30 Days Free’.
  3. Choose your plan.
  4. Enter your personal information.
  5. Bring your imagination to life.

Join these artists and their imagination as they show you things that are both crazy and amazing. You’ll be amazed by what these young Kano Club Creators can do!

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