The good kind of screen time. Computers and software for a new generation.

I am Craig Budzik, and I work in the Customer Care Team for Kano.

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Tell us about you (What drives you)

Working with Kano Team and our Kano users to find resolutions and novel uses for the technology.

Tell us a fun fact about you

I can teach a Yoga class (watch this space for the explosion of Kanoga!)

What is your biggest fear?

Being swallowed up by the Earth.

Why did you join Kano?

The idea and aspirations of the company and the people make Kano what it is.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Keeping a shop-bought Basil Plant alive and kicking.

If you could give your younger self 1 piece of advice, what would it be?

Love the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of yourself and life.

What is the single most valuable thing you’ve ever learned?

You’re better than what you tell yourself.

My secret passion is…

Opening ones’ mind to my blind…

There’s no denying that movies play a large role in shaping our culture. They spread ideals and address social taboos; they comment on issues and, depending on the movie, use a light touch or a heavy hand.

In our society, it is the characters in those films that deliver our societal norms. Some are great, some are evil, and others are empowering. Numerous iconic fictional badass women have shaped our pop culture — and the way we think of women in general. The female movie characters who are simply admirable because they stand up for what they believe in, despite…

In the month of love and snow, Kano World has been bursting with fun creations. Our software, including Make Art, Pixel Motion, and Kano Code, has provided the opportunity for hundreds of users to bring their imagination to life.

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by our very own Holographic Leah

As months go on, we see clear trends and themes emerge from what creations are shared. Whether it’s the same shapes or designs, or just a particular software becoming the favorite of the community that week.

February was a big month for Kano, with our re-brand launching earlier in the month. Our new logo became the biggest hit of the month…

You may have started to see ‘Kano Club’ appearing on your social feed and in your email inbox. At Kano, we believe that learning code, music, and art is for everyone — and now we can show you how!

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Kano Club is our subscription service that offers ways for beginners of all ages to get creative with technology and get good, positive screen time on your computer.

Kano makes experiences that teach coding, art, and music. When you get Kano Club, you unlock exclusive, easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials and videos from our expert instructors.

No experience or fancy tech is needed…

Hello! The name’s Jon, born and raised in the city of London and Cambridge.

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I’ve been a creative and tech enthusiast ever since I picked up a Super Nintendo controller (really showing my age) when I was a kid. One of my traits is that I am always curious and willing to try and learn new things. This trait has brought me to meet amazing people all over the world, learning different cultures, exploring the world, and of course, be fascinated by everything new in science and technology.

“I wish I had this when I was young.” was the first…

I’m Molly and I work as an Accounts Assistant in the Finance team. I’ve always been the kind of person to enjoy working with numbers so this is the perfect role for me.

A fun fact about me is that I can say that I’m a published poet! Though it was back in primary school…. it was a county-wide competition and I was one of 3 people picked from my school to be published, I was very pleased with myself.

If I could give my younger self 1 piece of advice, it would be to take that ‘Introduction To Computers…

Hi! My name’s Jordan, I’m a 21 year old from a small city in the South East of Ireland called Waterford. I’m currently a Marketing Intern at Kano.

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My last event pre-pandemic, a government conference in Ankara, Turkey.

For the past 12 years now, I’ve been very lucky to establish myself as a prominent young entrepreneur and programmer, founding a number of technology startups with mixed levels of success and traveling the world promoting and nurturing youth entrepreneurship at hundreds of different conferences.

One of my favorite (and most used) claim to fame is that I got to share a Skype call with Justin Bieber! We both share a common…

My name is Brittany and I am a Mom from Houston, TX.

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My husband and I are both computer science majors that were raised by school teachers. My mom(retired school teacher who still teaches), grandmother(retired school teacher), and aunt (social worker) worked with enriching kids most of the careers. My husband’s parents are both retired teachers who still tutor and help children when they can. We are lovers of education and learning new things!

I heard about Kano when I was scrolling through Instagram. I was so excited when the brand approached me to introduce my daughter to Kano! My…

We are the Everett’s. We are a homeschooling family and live just outside of Kansas City. We have two kids and a dog.

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The kids were extremely excited to get a Kano PC. When it arrived there were lots of screams and lots of jumping up and down. The kids were in awe when they opened the box and they were able to put the Kano together. They had so much fun!

At the moment the kids use the Kano PC for coding and research for homeschool.

The basics are: My name is Kayla Dailey, and my husband Nick Dailey and I have 2 children: Lincoln and Mackenzie. Currently, I am a sales assistant for Sunny Lenarduzzi and a YouTube and business strategist. Nick works on our 14-acre homestead and does freelance software and digital design work. We homeschool our kids.

I lived in Texas most of my life and Nick has lived a few different places. We have always lived in the city or suburbs so our current situation living in the country is a huge shift! Our family lives in a 40ft transit bus!


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