Everything you missed from yesterday’s Apple Event

Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook hosted the “Spring Loaded” event from the company’s campus in Cupertino, California.

The first of a now standardised 3 annual major events, linked with the software heavy WWDC in the Summer and a typical iPhone event in the Autumn, the Spring Loaded event came action packed with a whole array of new features and updates, as well as a whole new line of products! Lets dive in

One of the first major announcements of the event was the first major redesign of the iMac range in well over a decade.

A beautiful and insanely colourful (7 different hues, to be exact) lineup was presented, with an extremely thin (11.5mm) and compact profile. So thin in fact, that the typical front-to-back headphone jack has now been moved to the side.

Beside all the design adjustments, the new iMac is insanely powerful, with a 4.5k Retina Display, 1080p Facetime Camera and perhaps most importantly of all, it is the first iMac to include Apple’s own M1 chip. This one got us excited!

In a rather cool announcement, Apple revealed the “Family” service as part of its Apple Card offering.

Apple Card family allows two partners to now co-own a card and rather interesting and uniquely share Credit Lines in addition to new features that allow customers to set spending limits, track purchases and also sharing the card with children alongside other interesting tools.

In another service announcement, Apple have completely revamped their podcast offering and have now enabled subscription based

In an extremely exciting new announcement, Apple announced a whole new product line in the AirTags series and in doing so have extended their tracking software for 3rd party devices and items.

Who here hasn’t been saved by the Find my iPhone technology in the past? Whether it be a Left Airpod, iPad or Watch, we don’t know where we would be without it. For years, people had been wishing for this technology to be enabled to work with keys or wallets or pretty much any item imaginable!

Well now, with the powerful new AirTags, this dream has now become a reality with plush yet powerful tags that carry over a years worth of battery life can now be added to the newly named “Find My Network” — Hoorah and Please take my Money!

In what was the 3rd major announcement of the event, and one of the most exciting was the reveal of 2 brand new iPad pro models, an 11 and 12.9 inch device.

An internal juggernaut, this new offering is absolutely packed with power with an 8-Core CPU and GPU with the device sporting the Apple M1 chip again, which is packing with power.

On a display level, the new iPad pro is magnificent, with the 12.9 inch sporting a brand new LED screen which Apple have coined “Liquid Retina XDR”. Furthermore, the new iPad Pro boasts a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Staggering.

The Front Camera also has a magnificent 12mp ultra-wide lens and we, for one, can’t wait to see our Facetime calls from this beast!

In a small yet exciting announcement, Apple also unveiled a brand new Apple TV with more powerful internal capabilities but what we are excited about is the stylish new Siri Remote! Oo-la-la!

Whilst an announcement on the iPhone was not typically expected given the timeframe of the event, we were treated to a brand new colour in the iPhone 12 and 12 mini range: purple! This beautifully shaded finish will be made available for pre-order from this Friday.

As we can see, this action packed event was full of twists and turns and we’ll be keeping a close eye on new developments, for sure! To join in with our technology discussion, follow us on our socials!

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