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Tech for creation, not just consumption.


  • Ines Skotnicka

    Ines Skotnicka

    R&D, #Innovation Management, #CompetitiveIntelligence &WikiEnterprise expert. #OpenInnovation PhD. researcher. Keen on Medieval History

  • Anita G

    Anita G

    Business, law and politics. #Spanish girl trying to find her spot in the #London scene

  • Andrew O'Donoghue

    Andrew O'Donoghue

    Helped build happy Macs for a decade, now, I'm all talk. Series Editor, The Gadget Buzz, TV3 | Irish Mail on Sunday Columnist | Midlands FM

  • José A. Contreras 

    José A. Contreras 

    Diseñador/creativo de Apps moviles / Mobile App designer/creative. Musician/DJ/Geek

  • Slin Lee

    Slin Lee


  • Barbara De Coster

    Barbara De Coster

    .NET Developer - Passionate about Technology, Photography, Design and Art - Also loves philosophy, literature, sociology, anthropology & Women rights.

  • JimboJV


    Father, husband, beer and sports fanatic. Civil Servant at other times.

  • 子浴先生


    An Enlightener of Huaxia

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