How You Can Remix Your Own Art

In Kano World, thousands of children get the chance to create, learn and build with hours of fun. Whether it is Pixel Motion, Make Art, or one of our favs, Remix Tree, Kano has the tools you need for your future.

Remix Tree is one of our favorite features in Kano World. This feature was created after listening to the community feedback last year and we can’t get enough.

With Remix Tree, when you remix someone else’s code and share it, your creation automatically includes a link to the original creation you remixed. But first, let’s talk about remixing!

What is remixing?

Remixing’ is a feature on Kano World that allows you not just to look at the code of other people’s creations, but also to edit the code and ‘remix’ it into a whole new creation!

All code running on computers today is built on the foundations of other people’s code. Being able to read, understand and work from other people’s code is a core skill for developers, so being able to remix creations helps build this real-world skill!

It’s also a great way to encourage creativity by getting inspiration from other people’s work.

So How Does It Work?

We want to ensure that all Kano World Users feel their hard work is recognized when other users build on top of their code. Your Kano World Remixes automatically credit the original creator for you and make it easy to see the creation it was made from.

Using this feature, you can travel through different versions of a creation, as different users adapt the code into something new.

This feature also encourages you to work collaboratively with other Kano World users by sharing the same code and adding to it together.

Working collaboratively is something we deeply believe in here at Kano, and we are excited to have this new Kano World Community requested feature live.

Remix tree example, by Kano staff members:

Original Creation:

Original Creation Made By Alipali

Now you have seen what Remixing looks like with Kano, why not have a go yourself! There are endless amounts of creativity to explore.

Let us know what you make on social media.

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