What is Kano Club?

You may have started to see ‘Kano Club’ appearing on your social feed and in your email inbox. At Kano, we believe that learning code, music, and art is for everyone — and now we can show you how!

Kano Club is our subscription service that offers ways for beginners of all ages to get creative with technology and get good, positive screen time on your computer.

Kano makes experiences that teach coding, art, and music. When you get Kano Club, you unlock exclusive, easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials and videos from our expert instructors.

No experience or fancy tech is needed. It’s all online. So you can connect, collaborate, and get creative with people all over the world, who are also stuck at home.

Be the first to try new features. Club members get access to brand-new tools, apps, challenges, and ideas before anyone else.

Getting Started

Joining Kano Club gives you more than you could imagine. After your free trial, we have over 100 step-by-step tutorials and videos, with more being released every two weeks.

With Kano Club you also get rewarded for your creativity by leveling up and earning club-exclusive loot for your Kano avatar.

Once you join the Kano Club, past your trial, you’ll choose your nickname. Which can be anything you want, but we do offer some fun examples for you to mix and make your own.

When you’re all set up, why not start with our challenge packs. Learn to make animations, paintbrushes, games, and patterns. Follow the simple steps, and remix any challenge to make something new.

Also, share your design on Kano World. Our community never sleeps and they need a place to come together. That is Kano World, where users bring their creations, and talk to other users.

Kano Code

We want everyone to learn how to code. With our education coding software, Kano Code, anyone can. Use simple code blocks, and view code with ease. Learn about loops, logic, and variables with immediate results.

With the recent pandemic, we have all been spending a lot of time indoors. With little room to escape, in Kano Code, you can play with the microphone, mouse, and sounds. So much fun can be had from controlling objects with sound, clapping, or your voice.

Make Art

Start simple and follow the steps to turn words into art. Code pictures of a sun, a flag, a funny face, or anything you could dream of. See what fun you can get up to…

Work your way up to making complex geometric patterns. The sky is the limit with Make Art, your imagination just needs to be expressed with the code you learn in Kano Code. You can also remix any challenge (or any creation from Kano World) to give it your own twist.


Being a member of Kano Club also means free access to Artopia — our collaborative drawing tool. Draw live with friends (who are also stuck in their own homes) over the internet.

How Computers Work

The language of the future is here, right in front of you. With How Computers Work, you can discover emojis binary translation, tinker with sound, and play with the processor and memory.

Learning exactly what their computer is doing when you tap keys, spelling out your favorite words.

Fabulous Fury told me: “With Kano Code, we’ve been building computers and playing games. I’m really excited to learn how they are made!”

How Computers Work is your way of learning how the mechanisms you use every second work, in a fun and engaging way. Tech education never needs to be boring again.

Pixel Motion

Pixel Motion lets you, as a creative genius, create animations at a pixel level. You can create setting suns, a baseball flying into outer space, a cow swimming in the ocean, and so much more. Anything that you can create in the pixel world, you can bring to life.

But it doesn’t just stop at animation, you can also create still pixel images. Whether you want to create the next Mona Lisa or just want to make something cute on your pixel canvas. Pixel Motion can give you hours of fun.

You can explore what other Kano World users are creating in Pixel Motion by going to Kano World and selecting ‘Pixel Motion’ in the top right.

So far we have seen people build Pokemon characters, football scenes, and even some festive fun. What will you make?

Staff Picks

There are thousands of creations on Kano World. Share, collaborate, make, and play with people all around the world, who are also stuck at home.

Because you can play with everyone’s code, you can use any creation as part of your own project. See how people have made interesting creations about perspective, space, coordinates, geometry, patterns, or bowls of pasta.

Check out Staff Picks for some of the best. Then simply click on the Remix button to open up the code. You can play with the code, then share your own version of that creation with the community. There’s endless fun, loads to learn, and creative mischief to be had.

Give Kano Club a try today and get your first month for free! We can’t wait to see what you create.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Why not start your FREE-30 day trial today.

The good kind of screen time. Computers and software for a new generation.

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