Is Spending Too Much Time On Your Screens Really Bad For You?

Ryan Snook

Screen Time Is Bad For You!

New York Times

“If young children spend most of their time engaging with an iPad, it can be hard to get them engaged in non-electronic activities, such as playing with toys to foster imagination and creativity and playing with other children to develop appropriate social skills. Interacting almost exclusively with screens would be like working out only your arm muscles and nothing else.” — Dr. J. Cross

Screen Time Is Good For You!

Data from HSI

“Some benefits of screen time include providing a place for youth to connect with like-minded others, opportunities to explore interests and hobbies that aren’t available to one in ‘real’ life, and keeping in touch with far-away friends and family.” — Diana Graber, Author of Raising Humans in a Digital World, and Founder of Cyber Civics/Cyberwise.



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