Kano Family Series: Kayla Dailey

The basics are: My name is Kayla Dailey, and my husband Nick Dailey and I have 2 children: Lincoln and Mackenzie. Currently, I am a sales assistant for Sunny Lenarduzzi and a YouTube and business strategist. Nick works on our 14-acre homestead and does freelance software and digital design work. We homeschool our kids.

I lived in Texas most of my life and Nick has lived a few different places. We have always lived in the city or suburbs so our current situation living in the country is a huge shift! Our family lives in a 40ft transit bus!

We both lost our jobs in 2020 due to covid and decided to take a huge leap and purchase a bus to turn into a tiny home. During that process, we also bought land to become homesteaders. My ideal situation for my kids is that they know how to grow crops and develop websites. I call them my tech hippies and having their own laptop designed for learning is so in line with the life and lifestyle we try to present to them.

When I first heard of Kano, I was not familiar. So I went on a Google search and was so confused as to why I had not heard of Kano before! The product was so aligned with our family mottos and mindset. Technology is not bad or evil it’s a great tool when used properly and in balance with adventure and outside time.

Our child’s reaction to the Kano PC, honestly, they were so hesitant initially because I think they thought we were joking when we said ‘“Hey this is a computer just for you guys!” but once they started building the computer and realized it really was for them, they could not be stopped! Asking rapid-fire questions, and using every single sticker available to decorate.

On a very personal level for us as parents, this was a full-circle moment. We had spent the last 14 months in school for software engineering while both working full-time. We are extremely close to our kids and there was a felt strain with the limited time we had with them now. The kids knew that we were doing this for them so they were really understanding but would always ask to help us with our coding. I love my kids but them clicking around my VS Code was not something I was really excited to do. Kano makes the kids feel so onboard with us and our career change and our families new path into the tech industry.

In the beginning, I used the Kano for normal computer work like playing their school videos. As I learned more about the activities, lessons, and Kano Club we started using it more for the coding computer-specific lessons. It is now the main tech tool used in their school work. Since the keyboard is removable we have used the Kano on nature walks too looking up different trees and birds we come across.

The digital lessons and projects are amazing. The teacher (Leah) is engaging and fun.

I think the misconception is that if we as parents are good at something it should be a no-brainer to pass that education on to our kids. This is so not the case as I found out. I wanted my kids to have a foundation in the tech industry and they were eager to learn but this did not make planning lessons any less frustrating. Kano Club removed that frustration. And to be honest my kids like learning from someone else from time to time .

So far I have shared 2 videos on our Kano experience and how we like the features:

Building Kano Computer https://youtu.be/ejF6W38tVlI

Kano Club — https://youtu.be/mNBeWQAwHAY

My homeschool style is completely digital. I utilize Khan academy, Youtube videos, and Starfall academy. Our family lives on a bus (skoolie) so the kid’s school needs to live on their Kano for space reasons if nothing else. We received the Kano right around the time I was doing a purge of all the worksheets , binders and activity books I had for the kids to make more room on the bus.

I absolutely love digital homeschooling and Kano is my perfect tool for how our homeschool funtions.

If I had to sum up Kano in one word, it would be balanced.

Thanks again so much for showing up in my family’s life! Kano has definitely been a welcome product in our home.

If you want to see more of Kayla’s family and her story, then head over to her social media.

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