Kano Family Series: Laura Camargo

Our customers mean everything to us.

They celebrate our software and hardware every day as they learn and create. We get sent endless pictures and videos of all the fun our happy users create, and we are so proud of every single one of you.

Behind our incredible products is the feedback from hundreds of parents, children, and users from all over the world. That feedback is invaluable for us as a company. Without our customers, we wouldn’t be the tech company you see today.

We want to celebrate those parents and children, by sharing their stories with you. Learning more about who they are and what they do. Showing the world, the wonderful stories behind the faces you see across our social media and website.

Hi! Hola! My name is Laura and I love STEM!

I was born in Cartagena, Colombia, both my parents are Colombian and I have an older brother. My first language is Spanish and our parents always encouraged us to learn English since we were little. When I was 17 we moved to Mexico due to my dad’s job (he was an Industrial Engineer) where I continued my education, I hold a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

While coding was part of the Engineering curriculum, it wasn’t until my internship at the Orthopaedics Biomechanics Lab in Boston, MA that I applied my knowledge to a real-life project in research. This made me realize the importance of coding, this was an eye opening experience and I’m so grateful to my mentors. Once I returned to Mexico, I worked in the Medical Devices field, the idea of combining technology and engineering to medicine and biology was and still is fascinating.

I moved to the US in 2011 with my husband and I currently stay at home with our two boys ages 4 and 8. We are a proud Latino and a trilingual family (Portuguese, English, and Spanish). I enjoy preparing activities for them, especially STEM-themed and pre-coding skills for the little one, I’m a huge believer that play-based learning and hands-on learning is key and vital for their process and growth, the joy of learning by doing.

The first time I heard about KANO was last year through social media and I remember I thought, “How cool! A laptop made for kids.” When we received the computer, the kids were so excited, my oldest was even more excited because he would have the opportunity to put it together by himself! “I got this mama,” he said with a huge smile. He enjoyed following the directions and hitting the power button. My oldest said “it has a cool design”, it runs very smooth and he loves how the keyboard is flat and thin making it very comfortable for his hands and that he can use it as a tablet too. But like with everything, there’s a learning curve and at the beginning was a bit hard until he got used to it (which was very quick).

Kano Code and Make Art have been particularly fun for him. He has dyslexia, and while he tries to stay away from anything that involves writing, the software makes it easier for him to follow all the steps and complete the task or to create something and just let his imagination fly. There’s a feeling of accomplishment and tons of “yeah! I’m good at these’’ moments. As a parent that’s a huge win! We use KANO for pretty much everything! From Kano Code, to Make Art (one of my kid's favorite) to watching Lego videos, reading books, learning facts, looking at maps…you name it!

I believe KANO it’s fantastic for both school (academic) and free time, it’s a plus you can use it as a tablet or a laptop. I know the importance of coding so I’m happy they can start this young using such fun and vibrant software. They can learn code blocks, logic, variables, loops, and even make music or art. One thing that I also appreciate, since it runs on Microsoft Windows, is the Microsoft Family Safety feature, it allows me to monitor and keep an eye on the content that’s available to him. So it allows him to explore and create in a safe way.

If I could describe KANO in one word it would be INNOVATIVE, it’s truly exceptional, it fosters their creativity and empowers them to learn at their own pace, they can be in charge of their work and feel extra proud.

KANO has been a great tool and resource to have, especially during the pandemic, it makes computing fun. It’s been almost a year since we have been doing remote learning. The reality is that it has been hard for both the children and us as parents, it has been a huge adjustment but we know it’s for the safety and well being of everyone. And while we believe they spend too much time on the computer, technology allows them to continue their education, expand their horizons, connect and talk to their friends and just share their experiences and favorite things to do. And while it doesn’t replace physical interaction, it has been an important part of our lives and it brings us closer to our family and friends.

We admire and are grateful to all the teachers and professionals that are giving their best during these uncertain times. We are impressed by their commitment and dedication, in our case his Special Education Teacher and Special Ed team have been truly amazing.

What has worked for us is talking about how we feel and being kind to each other and ourselves. Being flexible and being allowed to take breaks (movement breaks are great!) by doing something you like. Things like reading a book, watching a video, painting, doing crafts, baking cupcakes or bread…or even having fun coding using KANO!

Thank you for designing and creating KANO, a powerful and playful device for everyone and yes, I do use it when my kids are not using it!

Muchas gracias por crear y diseñar KANO, un producto tan divertido, educacional y tan amigable para niños y adultos también claro!

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