New Kano Club Pack Highlights Endangered Animal Species!

The latest edition of our Kano Club packs utilizes art and code to highlight an important issue in the world today: The plight of many endangered animal species.

In this enlightening pack, ‘holographicleah’ takes us to every corner of the world introducing us to 5 diverse and interesting animals and inviting us to code them ourselves using the MakeArt app.

To celebrate our latest club pack, what better way than to introduce you to each of these species and share some fun facts along the way!

The Orangutan is a well-known great ape famous for its distinct orange color. They are native to the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia but today are only found in their natural habitat on 2 specific islands.

Fun Fact: Humans share 97% of their DNA makeup with orangutans, making them one of our closest primate relatives.

The black rhino is a distinct species of rhinoceros native to a number of countries in eastern and southern Africa. They can live to be 50 years old and can reach top speeds of around 55km per hour but as of now, their global status is Critically Endangered.

Fun Fact: Although referred to as black, the colors of the rhino are widely varied and can shade from brown to grey.

The Blue Whale is a marine mammal belonging to the large whale suborder “Mysticeti”. Their lifespan can vary between 80 and 90 years old and they can be found roaming almost every part of the earth’s vast oceans.

Fun Fact: The Blue Whale is the largest animal on the planet, period.

The Red Panda is a carnivore native to Asia, particularly the eastern Himalayas and southern China. They are famous for an orange coat along the top of their body followed by a dark gradient along their legs and feet.

Fun Fact: Despite their name, the red panda is not a bear and bears no connection to giant pandas. In fact, the word panda derives from the meaning “bamboo eater” as the Red Panda is just as a big a fan of the plant as its name-sharing counterpart.

Finally, we focus on the Sea Turtle. These majestic reptiles, the leatherback being the largest of its kind, are found deep in the open oceans and can live for up to 50 years!

Fun Fact: Leatherbacks are the only species of turtle in the world that do not have a hard shell and scales, which is where their name originates.

Now that we’ve introduced you to each of the species highlighted, all that’s left to do is hop in and explore our new pack right here!

For more information on the endangered species listed above, and for information on how you can support, visit the WWF website.

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