The Top 10 Kano World Creations — July Edition

As we entered the peak of Summer during the month of July, we too saw some sun, clear skies and beauty on Kano World.

July, as usual, was another month for amazing Kano World users to inspire us with their creativity to full effect. With that being said, we’ve decided to pick some of our favourite creations for this month, which was a very difficult task. But we got there..

6 Powerups by steve.odyssey

Starting off we have a fantastic tribute to one of the most iconic video games of all time: Super Mario Bros!

This identical recreation of the 6 power-ups from “steve.odyssey” has us feeling very nostalgic. Wahoo!

Upgrade by SmartMagicGirl

This is rocking! This fantastic pixel art creation from avid World user “SmartMagicGirl” is the cutest.thing.ever!

The attention to detail in this mysteriously pink cat is astounding, and we can’t get over the perfect rainbow background!

Happy Birthday to ME?! by CremeChii

Happy Birthday to World user “CremeChii”. To celebrate the big day, they baked… I mean coded, an exceptionally realistic (and delicious) birthday cupcake.

We particularly love the oozing chocolate sauce erupting onto the bun cup, as well as the glare and shadow effects that add profundity. Of course, we couldn’t forget the cherry on top!

When you are the staff by Runespoor

Here at Kano, every now and then, we’re asked about how our Club account differs from other users. Truth be told, not a whole lot! We get the same great experience as you guys.

However, we’re truly in awe of this hilarious accurate animation from “Runespoor”, which is an interpretation of a Kano staff member accessing their account!

Among Us by Artzy_Lexy

Watch out for the imposter! This incredible “Among Us” fan from Artzy_Lexy has us looking over our shoulder!

The piece includes an exceptionally attentive pink and white gradient that adds a huge amount of depth. Kudos Artzy.

Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station by WATERFALL_SUNSET

This amazing train art from World user “WATERFALL_SUNSET” is just as powerful as the inspirational title.

Different shades of colour, particularly on the red pilot carriage add a sense of depth and realism and the glaring opaque sun in the top right-hand corner is created with great attention to detail.

Ice Cream Maker by InternationalClams5

The weather this July had almost all of us hankering for an Ice Cream, and thanks to “InternationalClams5”, and his excellently developed Ice Cream Maker, we won’t run out of choice soon!

The creation allows us to pick from a variety of fun and interesting flavours, and even add some toppings too. Just what we needed.

Unknown QR Code by NerragG21

In the current contactless world in which we find ourselves, QR codes have had a huge role to play in accessing important information with minimal fuss.

The technology is used in a variety of industries and in the last year or so has seen a resurgence as sectors from hospitality to health care have used them to great effect.

Kano World user “NerragG21” has gone to fantastic lengths to self-code this QR Code directly from within Make Art! And it works! Why not scan it on your smartphone… if you dare!

Rainbow Unicorn by PhysicFlower1

I think it’s hard to disagree that nothing can be as majestic as the mythical unicorn. Well, what about Rainbow Unicorns?

This fun and quirky piece from “PhysicFlower1” rounds up a very cute, creative (and often pink) Kano World roundabout with a colourful animated mane showing off a vast array of shades! Excellent work!

Avocado Day Celebrations

As the end of the month came near, on July 31st we celebrated National Avocado Day by inviting all of our users to create their best Avo-inspired creations! And they were guac-ing. Here are some of our favourite creations!

As you can see from above, we’ve been inundated with a wide and diverse array of genius creations. Let us know your favourites

Fancy giving our tools a try too? Why not check out Kano Club here!




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Tech for creation, not just consumption.

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