The Top 7 Kano Creations of 2020

Kano Club has never been bigger. More creations are happening every day. From the beautiful masterpieces to the cute collections, we have seen it all this year.

With the launch of new software like Pixel Motion, the fun hasn’t dried up. Animations, GIFS, collages, you name it. Someone has shared it on Kano World in 2020.

We could have shared all of the unbelievable art that we have seen this year. Some of our highlights may seem wild, some of them may seem simple, but we promise you that they were all done with passion.

Without further ado, here are the BEST Kano Club creations of 2020. Enjoy.

Nyan Cat

a flying cat in a pop tart
by RedRaven1

Nyan Cat is the name of a YouTube video uploaded in April 2011, which became an internet meme. The video merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart for a torso, flying through space, and leaving a rainbow trail behind it.

When we saw this awesome creation, we were just in awe! The level of effort and time this must have taken, we couldn’t start the top ten list without this marvel.

Girl Power

A drawing of two women, one in pink holding a doll and one in black holding a sword
A drawing of two women, one in pink holding a doll and one in black holding a sword
by artist5star

This is was the most viewed creation of 2020, and it is clear to see why. Not only is this creation unbelievably empowering, but we also love the creativity.

Using Kano Club to make something like this, is exactly what we wanted our future coders to be creating. We love the sword, the outfits, the colors. With 302 views, it is easy to see why.

It will hard to beat in 2021.

The Icon For Coders

A collage of usernames
A collage of usernames
by RedRaven1

Not all Kano creations have to be artistic. This Kano World submission is unique.

Each button links to you a different creation from other users (including a purple panda).

Taking 12.37 hours in total to finish, we can’t help but love this.

Bouncing Pumpkin


Halloween is always one of the best times of the year at Kano. The season of all things spooky, makes us feel more creative than ever. Plus who doesn’t love fancy dress!

That is why this mad creation got us wondering, what hadn’t we done this before? A bouncing, crazy and wild pumpkin is very, very cool.

Thank You

A collage of usernames
A collage of usernames
by Crafty125

It’s been a tough year for all of us. We needed something that would bring us all together. Kano World has provided thousands of opportunities to make this year a memorable one, doing exactly that.

We couldn’t help but feel emotional when we saw this ‘Thank You’ creation from Crafty 125. Bringing together his favorite users across the year and celebrating their support. It is this community spirit we love!

Baby Yoda Game

Baby Yoda Game
Baby Yoda Game
by leoflamel

2020 has been the year that everyone went wild for Baby Yoda. The latest offering in the Star Wars universe, ‘The Mandalorian’, has been huge.

What better way to take a cute baby Jedi master and turn them into a fun game! Dodge the Explosions! Click the buttons to move. Use force to send the explosions off course.


by MarvellousKitty99

Not happy with just the one cool design, MK99 decided to create a whole selection of awesome stickers.

Every time you click the creation, it moves, changes, and gives you even more reason to love it.

Our personal favorite? The unwrapped Burrito.

There you have it! We have given you the top seven creations of the year on Kano Club. Did we miss any? Which were your favorites? Let us know!

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