The Top Kano World Creations — February Edition

In the month of love and snow, Kano World has been bursting with fun creations. Our software, including Make Art, Pixel Motion, and Kano Code, has provided the opportunity for hundreds of users to bring their imagination to life.

by our very own Holographic Leah

Harry Pixel Potter

by Legox50

Retro Meme Work

by artist5star

Welcome to Kano News.

by SweetPuppy34

‘Hello and welcome to News from Kano World: A Coding Community. Today we have some special news. User ‘ChocozWolfCrafts’ is on a roll. 3 creations all staff picks. What will be next for this rising star? Today may end up as a special day on Kano, as it is Valentine’s Day today. What will these young coders have in store? And that is what a got for today on News from Kano: A Coding Community. Happy Valentines Day to all!!’

Pokemon Spiral

by womprat08

Teenage Mutant Pixel Turtles

by ComicCreator

Professor Albus Dumbledore

by Code_Hayne1
by ChocozWolfyCrafts
by dUck_Alpha
by Joe
by DazzlingHippo6
by Hedgehog18
by Legox50

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