The Top Kano World Creations — June Edition

As we entered the peak of the Summer during the month of June, we too saw sun, clear skies and beauty on Kano World.

June, as like every other month, gave our exceptional Kano World users more opportunity to inspire us with their creativity in full bloom. With that, we’ve decided to pick some of our favourite creations for this month, which was a difficult task in itself!

We’re starting off where we mean to continue with this exceptionally accurate Nintendo Switch design created by ‘SweetPuppy34’ all in Make Art!

We applaud the minimalist design, but also the exceptional attention to detail on display here!

This animated Pixel Motion creation by ‘Crystal_Cupcake12’ depicts a country night sky from the depths of a wooded forest.

The dynamic piece is very calming in its pitch and we are blown away by the attention of detail from the various tones of grass all the way to the shadows depicted by the person. Excellent work!

What video game fun doesn’t love Kirby? Since his first appearance nearly 30 years, he has captured the hearts of millions. He has also proved to be extremely popular on Kano World, providing inspiration for hundreds of creations.

This animation of Kirby jumping from user ‘SmartCreeperCat’ is simple, fun and hilariously all at the same time!

Next up we have this beautiful and subtle piece created by ‘artist5star’ (one of our favourite Kano World creators) in MakeArt.

The photo depicts a silhouette of a woman walking under the moonlit sky. We particularly love the unique eclipses used in the clouds. Who knew you could make an 18th Victorian gothic work of art on Kano World? Bravo!

One of our favourite aspects of the Kano World is that it has become a hotbed for creative and beautiful fan art! We love to be able to provide tools for users to be able to show off their passions!

This particular piece from ‘NerraG21’ depicts Senpai from the rhythm video game Friday Night Funkin’. We love the variety of shades and tones used here!

Our next creation comes from user ‘sunshine360' with a simple, fun but also extremely powerful message.

The creation reads “YES girls can code” with each word wrapped around a common element of coding syntax.

We love the creativity here and passionately resonate with the message at hand! We want this on a t-shirt.

Kano World user ‘unicorn.rose’ used the Pixel Motion logo itself to inspire her creative animation!

Relevant given the time of year, the animation shows the Pixel Motion “P” quickly melting, not dislike an ice cream cone on a warm Summer’s day.

We’re getting serious disco vibes from this colourful and cute creation from ‘cuteMolly3'! It looks like a mix of Pokemon and an advert for the next Olympics.

The piece shows an adorable puppy quickly transform colours what feels like every second. We love rainbow puppy!

How. Cute. Is. This.

This charming rabbit design from ‘CremeChii’ looks like something plucked straight out of a children’s novel.

For us, it’s the glasses and bow tie!

Time to share a fantastic coding creation from well known Kano World contributor ‘Mmaster770’.

‘Mmaster’ has created an elusive and intuitive tool that allows anybody to create an artistic wallpaper or screen saver just by dragging their mouse.

We couldn’t get enough of playing with this, Bravo!

You’re a wizard, Harry!

This exceptionally accurate pixel art design from ‘JOYFULpanda39’ transports us right to (a pixelated) Platform 9 3/4, celebrating all things Harry Potter!

Also… June 28th was Dobby’s birthday, so we’ll just assume what the inspiration was!

This powerful pixel animation from ‘BoneYams3’ depicts a scenario where the world is under threat to global warming.

An excellent piece of animation with a strong, powerful message behind it. We salute ‘BoneYams3’s’ ingenuity.

Time to share yet another awesome Kano Code creation, this time from ‘ElasticMaster7'.

Their program, entitled “draw anything you want” quite literally allows you to draw anything you want. A random colour spiral generating masterpiece is what ensues and we are inspired by ElasticMaster7’s ability to inspire!

Mmmmmm…. doughnuts!

At Kano, we are huge fans of food art and this sparkly doughnut piece from ‘SparkleSunset’ definitely fits the bill.

However, how could we possibly eat it with that adorable smile and eyes? Impossible!

Last but not least we share yet another strong and powerful message from one of our Kano World users, ‘Crafty125’.

Crafty’s artistic creation promotes a world of love, diversity and inclusion and was created to celebrate this past Juneteenth.

Juneteenth is an American holiday that celebrates freedom and represents a fantastic message, coupled with a beautiful illustration of the world in which we live.

What do you think of last month’s picks? Get involved by exploring thousands of other genius creations by our users, or even your own next masterpiece on Kano Club.

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