The Top Kano World Creations — March Edition

As we welcomed the return of the Spring during the month of March, we too saw the return of (some) warm weather, blue skies, and lots and lots of green.

March, as like every other month, gave our exceptional Kano World users more opportunity to inspire us. With that, we’ve decided to pick some of our top creations for the month, and boy was that hard.

Mr. Fox

The Fox Life Cycle begins in Spring as they begin to shed their fur in favor of a lighter, thinner coat in time for the warm weather.

What better way to acknowledge this than this beautiful pixel art creation of Mr. Fox by Kano World user Runespoor.

We particularly love the attention to detail and the fantastic shadow effects!

Luigi Pug

March saw the conclusion of the 35th anniversary celebrations for Super Mario which saw a number of different events and game launches scattered through the last year.

But what about Luigi? Was it his birthday too? In our opinion, Mario’s clumsier and undoubtedly greener counterpart is forgotten about all too often and so we’re celebrating this hilariously brilliant Luigi Pug creation by Scar_is_a_star. Luigi Time!



For the last 58 years, the Dalek has become a true cultural icon and we highly applaud this animated creation by DeadlyLynx5.

The wavy pixelated fire effect has us both amazed and frightened in equal measure

Every Eye Tells its own Story

Many people use the passing of the season as a time of contemplation and reflection, and this raw and emotional artistic piece from artist5star provides a very fitting idea into the unknown chronicles our eyes may be showing.

Hypotenuse Length Finder

Ah triangles, our favorite polygon with three vertices.

This complex Kano Code creation from DeadlyLynx5 has been created to easily give you an accurate measure of the Hypotenuse (longest side) of any Right-Angled Triangle given only the Height and Length. We love this!

Leprechaun Girl

You know we couldn’t forget that March is also the month of St. Patrick’s Day where we celebrate all things Irish… and all things green! This classic pixel-art take on a Leprechaun Girl from xXx_Mochi_PotatoesXx is charming and features plenty of green! Now, if only we could find a pot of…

Pot O’ Gold


This sparkling art piece from MinionMan2010 continues to play on our St. Patrick’s Day celebration and is a healthy reminder of the prize in-store when you find a leprechaun! Cha-Ching.


March also saw the arrival of our brand new multiplayer feature Jams and with it a host of fun challenges and games!

One such fruity challenge challenges users to create fun pieces of fruit!

This fun banana animation by SweetPuppy34 is fun and bursting with yellowness!

Pi Day

Mmmmmmm, Pi!

March also sees us celebrate the mathematical constant, Pi, or 3.14159265358972923…(cont’d)….

Pi is by definition the ratio of a circle’s circumference in relation to its diameter and we love how excitedPenguin53 has filled such a circle with the undoubtedly tastiest version of pie.

Melody Maker

Our final creation for March sees us showcase an extraordinary and insanely addictive Kano Code creation from Mmaster770 that allows you to easily create your own graceful melodies simply by clicking on different areas of the staff or stave.

Music to our eyes Mmaster, exceptional work!

Let us know what you think of our Top Kano World creations for March. Have we missed any? Share your favorites with us on our Social Media pages!



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