Think Different. Build Tomorrow. Here’s How.

We see technology as a force for good that can lead and inspire positive change. Do you?

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Millions of young people want to make. They imagine things different and use computers to realize their ideas. But currently, it needs more than imagination to make, it takes hands-on experience. It takes time, patience and skill. It’s not like mixing elements on a canvas — it involves technology that requires building and coding systems. There was an artificial divide between the maker movement, hackers, developers and the public at large.

We know the future is uncertain. And it’s hard to imagine what might come next. But whatever happens — good or bad — the world needs people who can ask questions, solve problems, and make things happen. What if everyone could learn from computers what they learn from LEGO? What if they could build things — real apps, music, movies, games- that work on real phones and computers?

From its inception, Kano was designed to be a product for all ages and for everyone. For designers, untrained coders, children, adults. And it’s not just making hardware; we want to make people understand what’s inside their devices. What is this button, this chip? Why are you asking me for my email address? What does any of this mean? Our lives have been turned upside down by technology and the internet, but no one has bothered to teach us what it all means. We just have to consume it. No longer.

We want to show the world that making technology is something everyone can get involved with. The way we learn has changed. We want to make our lives better — both in school and at home. We’re driven by success, but we know it takes a different kind of education to get there. With the Kano PC, we’re learning real computer science that empowers young people to create and understand technology.

People all over the world are discovering how to make technology with Kano. They’re learning how hardware and software work together to create new things, new play, new experiences. They’re discovering the joy of making, coding and tinkering.

We’re here to demystify technology and make computing accessible to everyone. Join us.

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Tech for creation, not just consumption.

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