Top Kano Club Creations — January Edition

2021 is in full swing and your creative minds have been flowing stronger than ever. We have more of you using Kano Club than ever before and we have been amazed at what you have all been coming up with.

We have seen some incredible animations, breathtaking pieces of coding art, and even the old game or two we couldn’t believe.

This year is going to be the year that Kano Club just gets bigger and bigger. We have new activities and workshops coming every week, and some exciting news coming later this for you. So keep your eyes out.

Let’s crack on with your top ten Kano Club creations of January 2021.

Nintendo Beta

by Wallace2010

Created on New Year's day, this awesome creation by Wallace2010 has dominated Kano World this January. With nearly 400 views and 85 comments, we can’t help but bow to the awesomeness.

Run Pac Man Run

by WomPrat8

Who doesn’t love one of the best games of all time, Pac Man? Well, this little creation by WomPrat8 pays the ultimate homepage, and Kano World can’t seem to get enough.

My Avatar

by WomPrat8

So WomPrat8 has had a very busy month. Her second entry into the top creations of the month is her very own avatar.

Let’s Chat

by CheekyLeopard5

This is cool. That is all.

Staff Picks

by artist5star_2.0

This may have taken 20 hours of their time to create but we are super proud of this creation. Using pixels to animate the building of Kano, they might just get in our good books.

Crazy Football

by FreshSeaplane2

We may not be able to go outside right now, but FreshSeaplane2 brought us the fun with this football-themed activity.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any? Send us your favorite on social.



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