Welcome To The Kano Museum.

Welcome to the Kano Museum. A place where we have put together the finest collection of artifacts that show you how Kano came to be the company it is today.

So, sit back, and relax as we take you on a journey through our 8-year history…

Our first logo

The Entrance To (8 Parkhill Road) Our First Office.

Our First Design Work.


Kano Gets A Name.

First values:

  • PLAY

Our First Twitter Account

Our First Domains.

  • diypi.com
  • projectkano.com

What about kano.com? The price was too high.

First book sketches…

We Made It Official.

Our First UX Design.

Our First Brainstorm- Project M(ajority) W(orld) C(computing).

Our First Workshop in the UK.

Our First Software.

Our First Hardware.

Our First Assembly Line.

Our First Keyboard…With A LASER!

Our First Idea For The Case.

Our First Banker (Ahmed Ahmed)

Our First GIF

Our First Reachout Email.

Our First Customer Support.

Our First Real Website.

The First Kano Product Name.

First Interview With Eben Upton.

AK: Why license the board IP, instead of making content around it?

EU: “There are a lot of industrial verticals: lots of devices that talk to a sensor, screen, or network, actuators — digital signage, industrial automation, data collection — lots of these devices, and currently they’re all served by these little special purpose machines that each company commissions themselves … But almost all of those things are done better by Raspberry Pi.

KANO: But what about beginners and kids?

Then, we were born.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey through the Kano Museum. We look forward to seeing you again soon and don’t forget to share this on social or let us know your thoughts.

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