It’s Time For A New Look

This week we celebrated our 8-year-anniversary as a company. A milestone that everyone at Kano is hugely proud of. Especially when we consider the exciting news we have to share with you today.

The past (nearly) decade has given us some memories we couldn’t thank you all enough for. We have created life-changing products, partnered with some of the world's biggest entertainment brands, and helped classrooms educate future generations. All of those moments had a different version of Kano involved.

In 2013 we were young, in 2014 we were building, in 2019 we were established, and now in 2021, we are innovative.

Our logos from 2013, 2014, 2019 ,and now 2021.

We always want to stay fresh, current, and showcase our values. In those 8 years, Kano has changed. We have always aimed to give you back the power of your tech. For those missions, we need a brand that illustrates that. This is why we thought it was time for a change.

The 2019 Logo Update.

Our current brand design had been in play since 2014, with a slight alteration in 2019. Our iconic and simple Kano bold font was displayed on every Kano PC, Sensor Kit, and Accessory. The previous logo was a stripped-down version of the original kano logo we have used for so long but it was lacking that uniqueness you want from a logotype.

From a design point of view, you could have recreated our old logo if you had had the correct font, so it wasn’t ideal. We needed something that was ours. We needed a new start.

We love our creative brand history. For those years, our design has always matched our playful and friendly persona. We aren’t losing that now. But now we need to portray something greater than that, we are here to demystify and to tackle big tech.

We own every detail now. This is ours. This is Kano.

Some of the early stages of our concepts.

Our wonderful Lead Designer, Kevin Rooney built the brand. “The original logo was a sort of stamp so I tried to get some of that stamp-like quality and chunkiness in there with a dash of cute.”

This update doesn’t just stretch to a new logo. On our website, we now have new colors. A new way of displaying the Kano brand.

Different iterations of what became the 2021 Kano brand.

This is now our future, and we want to share it with you. You will start seeing the re-brand across our website as of today and on our social next week as we share some new content.

If you have questions or want to know more, drop us a message on social media.

Tech for creation, not just consumption.