What is JAMS? How You Can Create, Compete & Learn Together.

No, not everyone’s favorite toast topping or the 90’s film with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. Better. JAMS is a new way to create, compete and learn together on Kano World.

JAM is a multiplayer creative and competitive game, not just a drawing tool. We want you to see your creative side, competing against each other in the same live space.

If you’re into digital art, you might know about Kano’s Pixel Motion already. Using this unique software application, you can create your very own artworks in pixels, and now you can in sync with other Kano users live on Kano World.

Jump into a live multiplayer lobby and create cool artworks in Kano’s Pixel Motion app alongside other Kano World users following along to the guidance of our video tutors. Live JAMS allows you to have a lot more fun than you’d ever have alone in the app.

The aim? To make things look as epic as possible, together with your favorite friends. This includes getting together your toolkit, getting your head around the video guidance, refining your ideas along the way, and coming up with something quite brilliant to show at the end.

Each JAM lasts around 15 minutes and up to 20 Kano users can compete together simultaneously when the JAM is over you get to share your creation with the rest of the group and see what awesome art the rest of the lobby created.

Don’t wait around, you have to complete your work within the time limit! But then again, that's part of the challenge.

JAMS is a way to connect with other Kano artists around the world, create cool art, and have fun while doing it. If you want to find out more or have a go yourself, then head over to Kano World. Everyone can play, you don't need a club account to start today.

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