Who is Kano Computing?

At Kano, our ethos is simple. We make technology for creation, not just consumption. We strive to demystify the inner workings of technology in a fun, immersive, and collaborative way. By unlocking the doors of programming, art, music, and design to the many, not just a few.

Kano’s goal is to put the power of computing, coding, and digital making into as many hands as possible. We see technology as a force for good that can lead and inspire positive change.

Our story begins in 2013 when two friends, Alex and Yonatan were inspired by the creative nature of Alex’s young cousin and set out to build a computer that played on these values.

Fast forward eight years, two hugely successful Kickstarters, countless products, hundreds of awards, and over one million computers sold worldwide. It all brings us to where we are today, one of the most exciting and innovative technology companies in the world.

We strive for beauty in simplicity, which is reflected in our flagship hardware product, the Kano PC. Your journey begins as soon as you open the box, with the invitation to build your PC from scratch whilst learning about the individual pieces of hardware that allow our computers to live and breathe. The fun, inviting nature of its design combined with the robust, powerful 2-in-1 Windows 10 backend makes it the perfect first computer, for anyone.

The way we learn has changed. We want to make our lives better — both in school and at home. We’re driven by success, but we know it takes a different kind of education to get there. With the Kano PC, we’re learning real computer science that empowers young people to create and understand technology.

Our powerful and diverse software suite provides an educational gateway into the world of coding, animation, and art. All with Kano Club, get started today.

Kano Club is our subscription service that offers ways for beginners of all ages to get creative with technology and get good, positive screen time on your computer.

Kano makes experiences that teach coding, art, and music. When you get Kano Club, you unlock exclusive, easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials and videos from our expert instructors. Tools including Pixel Motion, Make Art, and How Computers Work.

No experience or fancy tech is needed. It’s all online. So you can connect, collaborate, and get creative with people all over the world, who are also stuck at home. Kano Code provides a fun and engaging introduction to the world of programming. Learn how to make games, animations, interactive art, and even music.

Work your way up to making complex geometric patterns. The sky is the limit with Make Art, your imagination just needs to be expressed with the code you learn in Kano Code. You can also remix any challenge (or any creation from Kano World) to give it your own twist.

The language of the future is here, right in front of you. With How Computers Work, you can discover emojis binary translation, tinker with sound, and play with the processor and memory. Pixel Motion lets you, as a creative genius, create animations at a pixel level. You can create setting suns, a baseball flying into outer space, a cow swimming in the ocean, and so much more. Anything that you can create in the pixel world, you can bring to life.

Along with all of the amazing education resources for your future, you can join a community of thousands. Meet, chat and share with your fellow Kano community of coders and makers. Watch as they bring together pieces of art from words, animate pixels, and change how you see technology in Kano World.

We’ve been recognized for our innovation. Time Magazine named our products as the best inventions for 2018 and 2019, whilst Fast Company named us as one of the most innovative tech companies in the world in 2019.

Our other awards include:

“We believe in a better future. Together we make technology that opens minds and sparks creation, not just consumption.”
- Alex Klein, Cofounder & CEO of Kano.

Technology for creation, not just consumption.